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2008-04-15 19:58
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elbereth 2008-04-16 19:56 Rev.: 244

Added 2 new icons for Advanced options & Log options

2 lines of code changed in 1 file:

  • tools/dlookc/example-classic: default.look (+2)
elbereth 2008-04-15 19:58 Rev.: 241

Added LOOK examples (Classic icons & Extended ones [Extended is the one used by Dragon UnPACKer 5])

239 lines of code changed in 50 files:

  • tools/dlookc/example-classic: bouton_fermer.bmp (new), bouton_options.bmp (new), bouton_ouvrir.bmp (new), bouton_quitter.bmp (new), classic.look (new 124), default.look (new 115), folder_closed.bmp (new), folder_open.bmp (new), menu_about.bmp (new), menu_options_associations.bmp (new), menu_options_generales.bmp (new), menu_options_look.bmp (new), menu_options_plugins.bmp (new), menu_options_plugins_convert.bmp (new), menu_options_plugins_drivers.bmp (new), menu_options_plugins_hyperripper.bmp (new), menu_rechercher.bmp (new), popup_content_multiplefiles_extractto.bmp (new), popup_content_open.bmp (new), popup_content_singlefile_extractto.bmp (new), popup_content_withoutconvertion.bmp (new), popup_index_collapseall.bmp (new), popup_index_expandall.bmp (new), popup_index_extractallto.bmp (new), popup_index_extractsubdirsto.bmp (new), popup_index_informations.bmp (new), type_anim.BMP (new), type_bin.BMP (new), type_bmp.BMP (new), type_bsp.BMP (new), type_cfg.BMP (new), type_default.bmp (new), type_font.BMP (new), type_gif.BMP (new), type_iff.BMP (new), type_jpg.BMP (new), type_model3d.BMP (new), type_musique.BMP (new), type_none.BMP (new), type_pcx.BMP (new), type_png.BMP (new), type_psd.BMP (new), type_sprite.BMP (new), type_tex.BMP (new), type_text.BMP (new), type_tga.BMP (new), type_tif.BMP (new), type_wal.BMP (new), type_wave.BMP (new), type_zip.BMP (new)
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