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elbereth 2014-03-22 15:35 Rev.: 679

Added loading file type icons for Themes.
Added current Default theme to the SVN.
Moved the progress bar to the status bar at the bottom.

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  • themes/Default/16x16/Types: 00-Default.bmp (new), 01-SoundFile.bmp (new), 02-BMP.bmp (new), 03-TGA.bmp (new), 04-Texture.bmp (new), 05-TXT.bmp (new), 06-Config.bmp (new), 07-3DModel.bmp (new), 08-Sprite.bmp (new), 09-Map.bmp (new), 10-Animation.bmp (new), 11-Music.bmp (new), 12-Binary.bmp (new), 13-PCX.bmp (new), 14-JPG.bmp (new), 15-Font.bmp (new), 16-GIF.bmp (new), 17-IFF.bmp (new), 18-PNG.bmp (new), 19-PSD.bmp (new), 20-TIF.bmp (new), 21-WAL.bmp (new), 22-Archive.bmp (new)
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